Your Free Spins Slots Guide

Free slots spins are something that every slots fanatic is after. There’s no question that getting something for nothing is always preferable to paying for it…so if not, why not? This site is dedicated to getting you all the information that you could ever possibly need pertaining to free slots.

You’d think that when something is being given away for free that somewhere in the fine print there would be a catch…but free slots are just what they say they are! Obviously it’s best to check through the fine print, as not all casinos are entirely forthright with their players all of the time: there are some people out there after a quick buck no matter what the cost to anyone else. We’ll give you guidelines to help you avoid being caught out by these shifty characters.

Free spins are great for a number of reasons: not only is there no financial risk on your part, so you can sit back and enjoy the game as much as possible, but free slots are also a great way for newer gamblers to learn the ropes without the pressure of feeling like they absolutely have to win the first time around which takes all the fun out of the game. We’ll give you the skinny on some amazing games and you’ll see you’ll soon be playing like a pro.

How can I get my hands on free slots spins?

There are two different ways you can get yourself some free slot games online. The first one is playing the actual game and winning free spins during the game. Internet slot games such as Victorious (Netent) and Thunderstruck (Microgaming) are perfect if free spins are what you’re after. Particularly Thunderstruck, as you make your way through the game you meet Thor’s two Ram’s who offer you so many free spins that you’ll never want to play another game again. Every game has different ways of offering you free spins while you play - usually you’ll need to hit a certain combination of symbols that opens a bonus free spins level where you can often even win free spins DURING free spins.

Other games offer free spins straight away as a fixed prize, like if you got three scatter symbols. If you’re browsing games, look for ones that have a feature called a multiplier; this feature, like the one in Microgaming’s Great Griffin Video Slot which has a 10 time Multiplier and which can get you way more wins that you had already. You can also try well trust microgaming casino like royal vegas casino, all lsots casino, spi palace and many more.

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